Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This fellow I work with is having a birthday tomorrow. Over the last couple of days, he and the people he usually hangs out with started making plans to go out and have Chinese take-out on Thursday to help celebrate his birthday. They'd started asking everyone else to go in with them for Chinese - 'hey, we're gonna go do Chinese take-out for Dave's (not his real name) birthday - ya wanna join in?'
No one had asked me.
Really, I shouldn't be upset - I mean, here is this clique, supposedly 'keeping an eye on' me for some supposed transgression or other, doing whatever they do - I normally don't get invited to dine with them (nor do my lunch buds really reach out to them normally), so why does it bug me so much that I got excluded from their little soiree?
Well, I think it's because my usual lunch partners, Bridget and Sophie (also, NTRN), were asked as I being taught some kind of lesson? Do they not really wish to dine with me or have me around? Does it really matter in the long run?
Naah - I'm just pissed because they'd asked Bridget and Sophie and not me - and they've had two days to ask me...I think the part of me that is the most wounded by this is the part of me that never had the 'cool kids' pay much attention to me (unless they wanted answers to a History or English class question) and never had the 'pretty girls' liking me in "that special way"...that high school kid inside of me was making a lot of noise inside my head...however, I've had a meal whilst writing this; needless to say, that little high scool kid inside of me is now well fed and realizing that A) he really IS the cool kid (how many of those apeheads are in a band, anyway?) and B) he happened to marry the prettiest girl...
I suspect they might (or might not) ask me tomorrow go in with them...I'll just have to tell them that I've other plans for lunch. If they don't ask, I won't tell...

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Gina said...

You sweet thing.
I know this is hard, even when you don't like the people involved. I think it's partially because you want everyone to like you, and no one likes being reminded that not everyone does like them. But screw those jerkies, anyway. Go to Kokoro.